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Bash shell script help

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Bash shell script help

Hi everyone, first time poster so I hope you'll be gentle with me. Smilie

I am needing some help to make a script in bash to do the following:

For each file with a name beginning with the string ff_
  • Extract the first line of the file (the date)
  • Change "-" to "/" in the date entry to create a directory path
  • Make the directory
  • Move the file into the new directory
  • Go to the next file

Thank you.

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Any attempts / ideas / thoughts from your side?
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Hi Rudi,

On the command line I'd assume something along the lines of head -1 ff* | tr - / to get the dates but not sure how I can then take this forward inside a script after that.

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Fine for a first approach. Any thoughts on how to continue with your further steps? Not necessarily in commands / script; plain English will suffice...
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