How to add a column of another data from another column?

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Old 02-12-2020
How to add a column of another data from another column?


Como hacer:



SystemRun.4gl C:\System\SystemRun.4gl
SystemRunPrint.4gl C:\System\SystemRunPrint.4gl
SystemViews.4gl C:\System\SystemViews.4gl

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FBSQL_FETCH_FIELD(3)							 1						      FBSQL_FETCH_FIELD(3)

fbsql_fetch_field - Get column information from a result and return as an object

object fbsql_fetch_field (resource $result, [int $field_offset]) DESCRIPTION
Used in order to obtain information about fields in a certain query result. PARAMETERS
o $ result -A result identifier returned by fbsql_query(3) or fbsql_db_query(3). o $field_offset - The numerical offset of the field. The field index starts at 0. If not specified, the next field that wasn't yet retrieved by fbsql_fetch_field(3) is retrieved. RETURN VALUES
Returns an object containing field information, or FALSE on errors. The properties of the object are: o name - column name o table - name of the table the column belongs to o max_length - maximum length of the column o not_null - 1 if the column cannot be NULL o type - the type of the column EXAMPLES
Example #1 fbsql_fetch_field(3) example <?php fbsql_connect($host, $user, $password) or die("Could not connect"); $result = fbsql_db_query("database", "select * from table") or die("Query failed"); # get column metadata $i = 0; while ($i < fbsql_num_fields($result)) { echo "Information for column $i:<br /> "; $meta = fbsql_fetch_field($result); if (!$meta) { echo "No information available<br /> "; } echo "<pre> max_length: $meta->max_length name: $meta->name not_null: $meta->not_null table: $meta->table type: $meta->type </pre>"; $i++; } fbsql_free_result($result); ?> SEE ALSO
fbsql_field_seek(3). PHP Documentation Group FBSQL_FETCH_FIELD(3)

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