How to escape the @ character in an if statement check?

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Old 02-11-2020
How to escape the @ character in an if statement check?


I am running a shell script that has to verify a password with an if statement. The password has an @ in it. I am having problems getting the if statement to test for the password. The @ causes problem. I tried the standard backslash escape but it did not work for me.
How can I do it?

I have

if [[ "$PASSWORD" != "passwordwith@init" ]]; then 

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Old 02-11-2020
Can you make a small script to verify that it is not working? i. e.:
set -x


if [[ "$PASSWORD" != "passwordwith@init" ]]; then
echo testing_code
echo password match


if [[ "$PASSWORD" != "passwordwith@init" ]]; then
echo testing_code
echo password match

run output:
+ PASSWORD=passwordwith@init
+ [[ passwordwith@init != passwordwith@init ]]
+ echo password match
password match
+ PASSWORD=passwordwithXinit
+ [[ passwordwithXinit != passwordwith@init ]]
+ echo testing_code

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Old 02-12-2020
More details, please. There doesn't seem anything wrong with your code snippet, as rdrtx1 already proved. Show context, variable contents, error messages, execution logs, script / command misbehaviour. What be your OS and shell versions?
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