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Help with awk or sed Command to Replace Text in Files

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Old 01-28-2020
Help with awk or sed Command to Replace Text in Files

Hello Everyone,

I have many files like so:

Within each file I have many lines of random text separated by commas like so:

I am trying to use SED or AWK to replace the 4th column with XXX on each line in each file so the result would be:

The same files like so:

Now within each file:

I have a workaround that I've come up with but it combines all the files into one file, unfortunately. (I need the files to be edited in place)
Here is my attempt:
cat *.txt | awk -F, '{print $1 "," $2 "," $3 ",XXX," $5 "," $6}' > result_file.txt

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Old 01-28-2020
One approach is to use a for loop to open one file at a time, modify and redirect the output to a temporary file, rename the temporary file back to original file:-
for file in *.txt; do awk -F, '{$4="XXX"}1' OFS=, $file > tmp; mv tmp $file; done

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Old 01-28-2020
Thank you, Yoda! I will give this a try and update this thread as solved if I can get it working. Smilie

--- Post updated at 11:08 PM ---

In my initial tests the solution is almost perfect but I am getting an extra line in my files:

I am working out why this is and I will update.
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Old 01-28-2020
Looks like you have a trailing empty line in your file. And, you seem to replace $3 now, not $4.
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Old 01-29-2020
Correct! Getting rid of the extra line fixed it. I was playing around with different column positioning that's why I had 3 instead of 4.

Thank you all! I will now mark this as solved!

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