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Deleting unused kdb+ analytic files in RedHat

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Top Forums UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers Deleting unused kdb+ analytic files in RedHat
# 8  
When I run [lsb_release -a] I get:
[LSB Version:    :core-4.1-amd64:core-4.1-noarch]
[Distributor ID: RedHatEnterpriseServer]
[Description:    Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.7 (Maipo)]
[Release:        7.7]
[Codename:       Maipo]

I am using kdb+/q technology for the databases/UI's etc. Is this is what you are referring to? Thank you
# 9  
OK. Good.

Before you can start deleting your DB files, you need to determine the recommended way kdb+/q recommends to truncate / trim the DB.

Do not do this by just removing files (yet); as this may not the proper way to truncate the DB tables (assume kdb+ has tables).

Have you looked into the docs on how to truncate tables (still assuming kdb+ has tables) in the DB?

Kdb+ for Developers - Limitless Big Data Applications | Kx
# 10  
Please note, here is one of the pages of docs for this DB:

13. Commands and System Variables - Q for Mortals

You can use either q) or (if installed) a web based interface to manage kdb+

Have you ever done any DB admin tasks on this puppy?
# 11  
Also, I assume you are familar with various IDEs to manage kdb+?

For example:

qStudio - A GUI for Kdb ยป qStudio Kdb+ IDE

Note, the docs state clearly:

Database Management
Typically modifying a kdb database stored on disk requires expert level knowledge. WIth qStudio Pro anyone can perform common operations like Adding/removing/updating a column in a partition database from within a GUI.
How to you plan to manage this DB?

Have you reviewed the kdb+ FAQ?

Frequently-asked questions about kdb+ – Knowledge Base – kdb+ and q documentation
# 12  
I wasn't planning on editing any of the tables, it was more deleting the analytics/functions that are not used to create these tables anymore.

eg) Analytic_X creates table A.

Then we add some additional logic to Analytic_X and create Analytic_Y.

Analytic_Y now creates Table A.

So I was hoping there was some command that retrieves the likes of Analytic_X that are not connected with anything so they can be removed? Hope that makes sense.
# 13  
Yes, I understand.

In this FAQ, they discuss deleting rows in kdb+ tables:

Frequently-asked questions about kdb+ - Knowledge Base - kdb+ and q documentation

Do you know which tables you want to truncate / reduce in size?
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