How to configure notification in cockpit?

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How to configure notification in cockpit?

I have installed cockpit in rhel 8 machine, I need to configure notification alert for file system, services(if any stop), network outage.

any one have idea, how can do that?
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You can Google: cockpit redhat configuration

and there are plenty of tutorials, including this one:


So, you asked:

any one have idea, how can do that?
Yes, read the basic documentation first, please.

Then, please post back with the details of your research; post the references you have consulted, the configuration files you are working with, the resolved and unresolved issues you have encountered along your journey of discovery.
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Thanks Neo for the reply and sharing url.
I have installed all the packages of cockpit , notification icon does not show in poratl. is there any thing special have to do for notification.


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Sorry, I am still not following your work and individual effort(s).

A simple Google search for: cockpit notifications

yields many tutorials, including this one:


Did you look at all the code and tutorials on this topic readily available on the net?
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Thanks Neo for your time.
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It's quite important to at least do your own research before asking such a broad question.

A simple Google search yields tutorials, code, and much more on this topic,

As I said before, post back (start a new discussion this topic) when you have a well-defined problem AFTER you have done your own basic research and leg work. You should at least watch the tutorials and attempt the code at GitHub on this topic, as a bare minimum.

Then, you would post the results of research, the code you tried, the problems you encountered... the basic steps of problem definition and solving.

We are here to help you, but you should first "help yourself" first by doing your basic homework (searching, reading tutorials, watching a video or two) before asking such a broad question. Otherwise, you are asking us to do the searching and basic research for you; which is not the best use of our time.

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