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How to find particular file-name in file and get result in table in mail?

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How to find particular file-name in file and get result in table in mail?

We have 100 linux servers, All send logs to both centralize server(server1 and serverb).
all send logs every day and stores in /syslog folder with hostname.log file.
I need to prepare script to check every day from both centralize server(server1 and serverb) and send mail in table format.

Hostname     server1                                                                serverb
Abc1.log          Log received                                                     Log received
abc2.log         log not received                                               Log received

Please help me the logic , how to prepare script to get the result in table format.

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You should first try to formulate your own solution by attempting to write your own code based on your own ideas.

In addition, it is always best to show the details of your operating system as well.

Details matter.

Attempting your own solution first is critical.

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