3rd party stress testing services

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Old 01-07-2020
3rd party stress testing services

Hi all, bit of a forum newb here, so apologies if this has been covered else where, but I wonder if any of you has any experience with stress testing servers, specifically using 3rd party services. We run a very busy production system, and just haven't been able to simulate the user activity while we're testing.

I'm looking at test upload/download of 150 - 200 gb an hour, but via multiple accounts at once (50ish or more). Most of what I've found online seem aimed more at website stability, and ddos proofing, and I'm not sure they'll fit with what I'm looking for.

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Old 01-07-2020
Greetings and welcome!

You have not explained what kind of production box you have,
I'm looking at test upload/download of 150 - 200 gb an hour, but via multiple accounts at once (50ish or more).
I understand that you are talking of a Web server, am I right? I know HP has something for stressing servers but it seems to only work if the apps are written in Java...
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