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How to comment a specific line of a file in Solaris 10?

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Thanks Rudic for your valuable comments

Say in abc.txt as below i have below entries

cat abc.txt

and when i do
grep -n cdc abc.txt


How to handle such then? where i have to disable all 3 entries where these 3 line numbers is to be passes as variable to a sed command in a script?

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Again, why the numbered grep detour, opening/reading the file more frequently than necessary? Do you need the line numbers elsewhere?

For numbers, how about

sed -n '/cdc/=' file | sed 's-$-s/^/#/-' | sed -f- file

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Hi Rudic,

tried executing your command in SOLARIS but end-up with below

sed -n '/cdc/=' abc.txt | sed 's-$-s/^/#/-' | sed -f- abc.txt
Cannot open pattern-file: -

My requirement is as below.
i have to check for any entry say cdc in a file abc.txt and from their i will comment the one which i need.


I am getting the line numbers where cdc occurred ,as below and i am interested in commenting line 2 and 7 only not 5 in single go by passing the line numbers i have to comment it,Please suggest how this can be done in Solaris or do you have any other approach,kindly suggest

grep -n cdc abc.txt 

cat abc.txt

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That means you need to interact with the script to select / deselect the relevant lines. Which would make your approach in post #6 moot. You'd need to find the lines, propose them to the user, read the y/n answer, and then go on commenting them out.
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If you have a rule like "cdc must appear at the beginning of the line and followed by a character",
then a simple RegularExpression does it:
perl -pe '/^cdc./ and s/^/#/' abc.txt

A -i option will write back to the abc.txt file.
If you want to manually select certain lines from grep -n output, then
perl -i -pe 2'==$. and s/^/#/' abc.txt
perl -i -pe 7'==$. and s/^/#/' abc.txt

If you want to use a shell variable, e.g. from a loop:
for num in 2 7; do perl -i -pe ${num}'==$. and s/^/#/' abc.txt; done

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Hi Folks,

Need help on below code, where i am trying to redirect the output of grep command in a file /tmp/a.txt for each server with this below code but it's only getting generated on server1 why not in server2 and 3 ? please advise

ssh -t "$2@$1" "grep -n '"$env"' $A | cut -f1 -d: | sort -u >>/tmp/a.txt"

Error getting is + ./ line xx: /tmp/a.txt: cannot open [No such file or directory]

set -x

echo INFO :  Please type the word to search
read env
set -- serbver1 User1 serbver2 User2 serbver3 User3
while [ "$#" -gt 0 ]


ssh -t "$2@$1" "cp /opt/abc.txt /opt/abc.txt_bkp"
ssh -t "$2@$1" "grep -n '"$env"' $A | cut -f1 -d: | sort -u >>/tmp/a.txt"
while read line
var=$line;var1=$A;sed "${var}s"/^/#/ "${var1}" > /opt/temp && mv /opt/temp  /opt/abc.txt
done < $filename
rm -rf /tmp/a.txt
     shift 2

# 14  
Won't it divert the output of below in each server ?

ssh -t "$2@$1" "grep -n '"$env"' $A | cut -f1 -d: | sort -u >>/tmp/a.txt"

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