Cannot subset ranges from another range set

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Originally Posted by RudiC
Similar approach to Scrutinizer's, but opens/reads file but once and keeps data in memory:
awk '
        {LN[NR]   = $0
         MIN2[NR] = $2
         MAX3[NR] = $3
         MIN5[NR] = $5
         MAX6[NR] = $6
END     {for (i=1; i<=NR; i++)
           for (j=1; j<=NR; j++) if ((MIN5[i] >= MIN2[j]) && (MAX6[i] <= MAX3[j]))  print LN[i], "range", MIN5[i], "-", MAX6[i], "within", MIN2[j], "-", MAX3[j], "boundaries."
' file
Ca21chr2_C_albicans_SC5314    618550    627903    Ca21chr2_C_albicans_SC5314    7510    8043 range 7510 - 8043 within 5286 - 50509 boundaries.

be careful... some awk's don't have NR available in the END block. Just reassign NR to nr in your "main" block and use it in the END.
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You are right, that "feature" should not be taken for granted, but both my linux and FreeBSD versions have it. Still your caveat can / should be kept in mind.
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Thank you so much. It worked. From changing file format to RudiC's new approach.
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