UNIX Shell Script to Remove MongoDB Document-Based on Many inputs

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UNIX Shell Script to Remove MongoDB Document-Based on Many inputs

Here I am in a position to write a Unix Shell script(.sh) to remove MongoDB collection documents. I know how to remove based on a condition like below and it works for me.

eval 'db.Collection.remove({TimeStamp:{$lte: "'$var'"}})

But I need to change the remove statement based on a new parameter ,lets say PID which will receive bunch of inputs(Many PID's).

I don't need to remove the collection based on the Timestamp field ,Instead my condition has to be changed as per my previous statement.

I went through many forums ,But I am not able to get the solution.

Please help me to resolve this in my UNIX shell script.
Sample Data:-
 {"TimeStamp": "20191230", "PID": 1233} 
{"TimeStamp": "20191226", "PID": 1456} 
{"TimeStamp": "20191225", "PID": 4566} 
{"TimeStamp": "20191226", "PID": 8987}

My Collection have an attribute called PID as shown above ,like Timestamp.Where we will store integer kind of values like 1233,1456,4566..etc .So I require to remove documents who has PID as 1233,1456 in my batch dynamically

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Please provide a lot more details, for example your operating system, version, and exact shell and version.

Also, if you provide your entire script, versus a tiny fragment of it, you will get better responses.

Happy New Year 2020!
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