Email - Unsolicited Rate Limit Error

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Old 12-23-2019
Email - Unsolicited Rate Limit Error

I thought twice before posting. I am sorry, I know you will say "this is not linux originated issue"
Does anybody know how to get rid of bulk email warning of gmail?
The problem is called "Unsolicited Rate Limit Error". We have been using google's mail service free of charge in our office and just managing our own business. We do not submit hundreds/thousands of emails to different recipients in seconds, we have no marketing activity but our emails bounce again and again. Also it's not possible to submit email to our colleague. Maybe it's time to pay for google for this service. Do you know where to start to fix it or to whom we should contact?

Thank you
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Old 12-24-2019
Google limits mail forwarded though their relays to avoid and help manage spam.

Maybe you should "get off" gmail and build your own email servers since you have a lot of mail traffic.

That's my suggestion. Move to your own SMTP servers / infrastructure and "get off" gmail.
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Old 12-24-2019
Thank you Neo,
We will swap to paid gmail service.

Kind regards
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Old 12-24-2019
If you don't mind Google scanning and "machine reading" all your email, that's an OK approach.

Of course, that depends on your requirements for confidentiality and your risk management model.

Lot's of folks out there get "in trouble" using third party email providers.

I guess confidentiality and privacy are not really major concerns for your organization.
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