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Single line archive log files command if exceed certain limit in Linux

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Old 12-18-2019
Single line archive log files command if exceed certain limit in Linux

Hello Guys,

Is there a single line archive command to zip or tar log files which is larger than certain size limit ?

Do let me know if there is any.

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Old 12-18-2019
Originally Posted by UnknownGuy
Hello Guys,
Is there a single line archive command to zip or tar log files which is larger than certain size limit ?
Do let me know if there is any.
Hello UnknownGuy,

On we encourage users to add their efforts which they have put in order to solve their own problems.
So please do let us know what you have tried to solve this.

R. Singh
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Old 12-18-2019
I can run a find /home/ -type f -size 6579c -exec ls {} \; command to check file size & then run zip command to archive them but I don't want to run multiple commands, need something which does the job in single line, is there anything like that ?

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Old 12-18-2019
Just replace your ls by what you want to do, in your one liner above...
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Old 12-18-2019
this solves the purpose.

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Thanks vbe,

this solves the purpose
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Old 12-19-2019
You can use this command.

find /  -xdev -size +10M -exec du -sh {} \; | sort -nr

where 10M is size you can change.

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Old 12-19-2019
You might discover that sizes considered by find are based on blocks and might not exactly match what you want.

If this is the case and you need it to be perfect, consider running find to get all the possible files then reading each with stat -c '%s' "${filename}" to get the size of the file in bytes.


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