UNIX shell script for matrix insertion into a file

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Old 12-16-2019
UNIX shell script for matrix insertion into a file

I have a script which is extracting data from a database in an excel file in below given format,
date_time calling_app1 count of requests
date            calling_app x        34
date            calling_app y       1034

I want to write a script which will write data into a file like this
date_time calling_appx calling_appy ...calling_appn 
date            34                    1034

and respective count will come below the specific columns or headers, I tried grep and paste and awk and lot of other combinations, But it did not work.

Please guide,

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Old 12-16-2019
Does the input data ALWAYS have three lines -> two lines of output? It looks like it varies and a date is the key header item.
That means you need to tell us exactly what the data looks like - dates are awful if they are freehand:
April 4, 2108

are all the same date and checking every possibility is not likely to happen reliably.

We need a couple of sample data input "blocks" to be of any help to you.
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Old 12-16-2019
Hello Sir,

Date is retrieved from SQL it is in this format YYYY-MM-DD HH24MI i.e 2019-12-12 0001 and is having data for 1 hour i.e 2019-12-12 0001 to 2019-12-12 0060
the whole output of the query consists of 3 columns date_time calling_app and count of requests

SQL script output is like given below
Date_time	Calling_app	Count
2019-12-12 0000	X	12
2019-12-12 0001	y	3
2019-12-12 0002	c	4
2019-12-12 0003	v	6
2019-12-12 0004	a	8
2019-12-12 0005	q	7

Want output like this, Also please note that there can be entries in between the timestamps for other applications as well
Date_time	x	y	c	v	a	q
2019-12-12 0000	12					
2019-12-12 0001		3				
2019-12-12 0002			4			
2019-12-12 0003				6		
2019-12-12 0004					8	
2019-12-12 0005						7

Also pleas let me know if any more inputs or data is required from my end.


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Old 12-16-2019
You could you an awk script like this:

awk -F$'\t' '
 NR>1 {
   H=H OFS $2
   L[NR] = $0
 END {
   print "Date_Time" H
   for(i=2; i in L; i++) print L[i]
 }' OFS=$'\t' infile

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