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Motif GUI example. UNIX executable ready.

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Old 12-14-2019
Motif GUI example. UNIX executable ready.

Motif GUI example. Unix executable ready.

Hi ,
i have attached my executable GUI example file in form of a .gz file.
please gunzip file before.
May i ask you for check it out that it is running on your machine ?
You should have "Motif" package installed.
when you klick the unix executable a " HELLO WORLD" Gui Window should appear.

Kindly Regards
please notice that this executable is not running on a linux os , because there is a difference between a real UNIX like BSD and others.
it should be run on a BSD OS and other derivates that come from UNIX SYSTEM V line.

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Old 12-15-2019
hey come on ,
please run the gui example on your bsd machine.
it's a example for me that the programmed little gui works on other machines.
maybe 64bit.
i have made it with a 32bit freebsd.

a simple feedback would be glad. its easy.
1. download toplevel+label+font.gz
2. in terminal type : gunzip toplevel+label+font.gz
3. double klick the executable
4. if permissions are not right type in terminal as root user : chmod +x toplevel+label+font


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Old 12-15-2019
Surely you don't believe that someone is going to download your program, give it root permission and run it.
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Old 12-16-2019
never say never again

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Old 12-16-2019
Originally Posted by jgt
Surely you don't believe that someone is going to download your program, give it root permission and run it.

Thread closed.

Attachment removed.

I was going to do this earlier, but was waiting on someone else to suggest it first Smilie

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Mod Comment If you want feedback on code, post the source code, not a binary file.

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