SHELL: UNIX : Ls regular expression not working when used with variables

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SHELL: UNIX : Ls regular expression not working when used with variables

If i do below command in unix prompt which static values (ie 27..97), it is working fine and gives desired output

>ls -d $WORKDIR/batch/somefilename_{27..97}.* 2>/dev/null

But if i want to include variables or pass arguments to regular expression then its giving me error "ls: cannot access /home/work/batch/somefilename_{27..96}.*: No such file or directory". But thats not true bec file is present but somehow with variables regex is not working.


>echo $segStart
>echo $segEnd
>echo $myvar

ls -d $WORKDIR/batch/somefilename_{$myvar}.*
"ls: cannot access /home/work/batch/somefilename_{27..96}.*: No such file or directory"
>array=($(ls -d $WORKDIR/batch/somefilename_$myvar.*  2>/dev/null))
>echo $len

Can someone please advise here why the regular expression is not working when using ls and {..} with variables?

Note: I am trying to store all the directory names in an array whose directory name is between two integer number
for eg there are 1-100 dir available with name file_1.some file_2.some file_3.some .. file_100.some.
If user wants to get directory from 47 till 97, then i want to read that value, store them and pass it in above ls command.

If you have any other alternative that will also help.

Millions thanks in advance guys!

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eval ls -d $WORKDIR/batch/somefilename_{$myvar}.*

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Thank you so much!!!!
It worked, really appreciate your prompt reply and your help Smilie
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