Grep multiple words in a file with help of fixed string switch

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Grep multiple words in a file with help of fixed string switch

I have multiple strings in a file which have special character $, when i search strings by ignoring $ with \ using single quotes it returns empty results.

My search strings are set char_1($lock) and set new_char_clear_3($unlock)

I tried searching with

fgrep 'set char_1($lock)\|set new_char_clear_3($unlock)' filename.txt
but it returns empty results.However the following command gives results for 1st string

fgrep 'set char_1($lock)' filename.txt

Tried with grep -F as well which return same results as above.

How do i get both results with single command.

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Not with fgrep nor grep -F. man grep:
-F, --fixed-strings
Interpret PATTERNS as fixed strings, not regular expressions.

Two regular expressions may be joined by the infix operator |; the resulting regular expression matches any string matching either alternate expression.

You see that fgrep looks for the entire fixed string including the pipe char. Try plain grep instead.
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Or try with -e:
grep -Fe 'set char_1($lock)' -e 'set new_char_clear_3($unlock)' filename.txt

With grep -E you need to escape both the dollarsigns and the parameters
grep -E 'set char_1\(\$lock\)|set new_char_clear_3\(\$unlock\)' filename.txt

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Either two -e
fgrep -e 'set char_1($lock)' -e 'set new_char_clear_3($unlock)' filename.txt

or two lines
fgrep 'set char_1($lock)
set new_char_clear_3($unlock)' filename.txt

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