sed with regexp in Linux

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sed with regexp in Linux


I have above header in file. I need to replace 2020_STATUS with STATUS.
2020_STATUS is not always same but the column name will have STATUS all of the time. For instance column name might be 2019_STATUS or 2021_STATUS etc so when i look at these multiple files I need to replace the column with STATUS for these.

I ran this below command and it is working but looks strange to me because in pattern when I keep ^\1 then only it is working so I am not sure why.

Below command is not working.
sed 's/^[0-9]*\_STATUS/STATUS/' outputOFF_00280456_2014_TEST.txt

Below command is working
sed 's/^1\|[0-9]*\_STATUS/STATUS/' outputOFF_00280456_2014_TEST.txt

Can you please suggest me what is the best option to do this?


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This command (if you are using GNU sed):
sed 's/^1\|[0-9]*\_STATUS/STATUS/' outputOFF_00280456_2014_TEST.txt

Means replace either :
The digit "1" on a line that starts with that digit OR
zero or more digits followed by _STATUS

I believe what you may be looking for is this:
sed 's/[0-9]*_STATUS/STATUS/' outputOFF_00280456_2014_TEST.txt

\| is a GNU extension to BRE (Basic Regular Expressions) that signifies "alternation"

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