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Find Memory and activity from command output

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Old 12-03-2019
Find Memory and activity from command output

Hello -
I have a requirement to get the Memory(Xmx) and the activity name using it.

Sample input info :

1502       02:57 /bin/sh /opt/rather/bar/deploy/bar_run.sh
1545       02:57 java -Drather.repository=/opt/rather/bar/deploy/JobSyng_Barol_Count/JobSyng_Barol_Count/../lib -Xms1024M -Xmx2048M -cp .:/opt/rather/bar/deploy/JobSyng_Barol_Count/JobSyng_Barol_Count:/opt/rather/bar/deploy/JobSyng_Barol_Count/JobSyng_Barol_Count/../lib/routines.jar:/opt/rather/bar/deploy/JobSyng_Barol_Count/JobSyng_Barol_Count/../lib/advancedPersistentLookupLib-1.2.jar:/opt/rather/bar/deploy/JobSyng_Barol_Count/JobSyng_Barol_Count/../lib/rather_file_enhanced_20070724.jar:/opt/rather/bar/deploy/JobSyng_Barol_Count/JobSyng_Barol_Count/../lib/rathercsv.jar:/opt/rather/bar/deploy/JobSyng_Barol_Count/JobSyng_Barol_Count/../lib/trove.jar:/opt/rather/bar/deploy/JobSyng_Barol_Count/JobSyng_Barol_Count/JobSyng_Barol_count_0_1.jar: intlbar_tac.JobSyng_Barol_count_0_1.JobSyng_Barol_Count --context=Default
9738    03:05:12 java -Xms3002M -Xmx3002M -cp /opt/rather/raal/raal.jar com.aexp.raal.main.controller.raalMainController

Command running for the o/p:

ps -eo pid,etime,command | grep rather | egrep -sv "$$|bash|tail|cat|sshd|grep|less|more|su"

Result looking from it (or something similar/meaningful):
ActivityName1:  bar
Memory for ActivityName1:2048M
ActivityName2:  raal
Memory for ActivityName2:3002M

Few pointers :
All these are running under process: rather
The memory is looking under value "Xmx"
always the activity name is after "/opt/rather/"

Can someone help me on the code for me?

Thanks in adv.

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Old 12-03-2019
With grep's greedy regex matching its not easy to lay hands on the activity if its "name is after "/opt/rather/". There may be better solutions than these ones that rely on the input lines' structure. Try
ps -eo pid,etime,command | grep -o "/opt/rather/[^ /]*\|-Xmx[^ ]*" | uniq | grep -A1 "\-Xmx"


ps -eo pid,etime,command | grep -o "\-Xmx[0-9M]* *-cp[ .:]*/opt/rather/[^/]*"  | grep -o "\-Xmx[0-9M]*\|[^ /]*$" | paste -s -d"\t\n"
-Xmx2048M    bar
-Xmx3002M    raal

ps -eo pid,etime,command | grep -o "\-Xmx[0-9M]*.\{,30\}/opt/rather/[^ /]*" | grep -o "\-Xmx[0-9M]*\|[^ /]*$" | paste -s -d"\t\n"
-Xmx2048M    bar
 -Xmx3002M    raal

A small awk script might be more apt to fulfill your needs to the full extent...
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Old 12-03-2019
@Rudic , Thank u for the details.

For me the last command worked fine. And wondering , can i assign the o/p to two different variables?
that way I can send to an array and list all of them .
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Old 12-03-2019
ARRAY=($(ps -eo pid,etime,command | grep -o "\-Xmx[0-9M]*.\{,30\}/opt/rather/[^ /]*" | grep -o "\-Xmx[0-9M]*\|[^ /]*$" | tr "\n" " "))
echo ${ARRAY[@]}
-Xmx2048M bar -Xmx3002M raal

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