How to stop a shell script if it encounters a error?

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How to stop a shell script if it encounters a error?

I am writing a bash shell script for GarazLab's "WP EMAIL CRAWLER – AUTO SCRAPER & REAL TIME EXTRACTOR". it contains some commands. I want to stop the shell execution as soon as it encounters an error. how to do it?
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Normally I trap errors in shell script using exit / return codes, here is a high level example:

$ true; echo $?

$ false; echo $?

You can normally construct some conditionals around your called scripts and other logical processes, check for exit / return codes and take action based as desired.
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Did you consider bash's -e option? man bash:
set [+abefhkmnptuvxBCEHPT] [+o option-name] [arg ...]
-e Exit immediately if a pipeline (which may consist of a single simple command), a list, or a compound command (see SHELL GRAMMAR above), exits with a non-zero status. The shell does not exit if ... (some conditions)
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Got error shopt: globstar: invalid shell option name

while creating a shell script for GarazLab's "WP EMAIL CRAWLER – AUTO SCRAPER & REAL TIME EXTRACTOR". I got error

shopt: globstar: invalid shell option name

on mac. how to fix it?
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man bash (again) is your friend. What bash version do you have?
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in GarazLab's server bash is 5.2

--- Post updated at 01:02 PM ---

i use set -e . now my code stops after that error. how to fix it?
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Isn't that exactly what you wanted? In post #1?
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