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Remove duplicate email

cat path/to/dir/file.html | grep -i 'x*.com' > path/to/dir/file.txt


cat path/to/dir/file.html | grep -i 'x*.com' |  sed '$!s/$/,/' | tr -d '\n'> path/to/dir/file.txt

Result --> Preferred

The preferred is the exact output I want, but I want to remove duplicate. I tried sort | uniq but still wont work. Any help appreciated.
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how about (for starters):
awk -v str='x*.com' '$1~str && !a[$1]++' myFile

This User Gave Thanks to vgersh99 For This Post:
# 3  
Sorry still show duplicate
# 4  

$ awk -v str='x*.com' '$1~str && !a[$1]++' myFile

# 5  
I need them to be on the same line with comma seperated as it appears in my preferred output.
# 6  
Your grep seems not precise, perhaps you mean grep -i '^x.*\.com$' (starts with an x then any amount of characters then .com at the end)
A sed 's/$/,/' does not delete $ because it is an anchor - not a character. But after an N command (that appends the following line to the input buffer) one can remove the embedded \n character.
The following works on all Unix-like OS:
grep -i '^x.*\.com$' file.html | sed -e ':L' -e '$!N;s/\n/, /;tL'

# 7  
This removes the emails that are the same. I need to only remove the duplicates
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