Save line from text in variable

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Save line from text in variable

I wrote a csh script where I want to save in a loop each time a different line from a text file (att_file) in the $name variable.
But it seems not to work.

att_file looks like:

set name = `head -n $count $att_file | tail -n 1 | awk '{print $1}'`

Do you know why?


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# 2  
If you use awk anyhow, why not
name=$(awk -v"CNT=$COUNT" 'NR == CNT {print $1; exit}')

# 3  
What is wrong?
Do you get an error?
Perhaps you can loop over the lines:
foreach line ("`cat $att_file`")
  echo "do something with '$line'"

# 4  
want to save in a loop each time a different line from a text file
OK but I see no loop in your code
Same remarks as the post #3
Not knowing what errors you see or what you call going wrong it's difficult to suggest anything preserving your given code
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