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Unable to fetch BIOS configuration details

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Old 11-21-2019
Unable to fetch BIOS configuration details

Hi All,

unable to fetch the bios configuration information and service provider information in centos 5 using dmidecode command.

ServiceProvider=`dmidecode -s system-product-name |awk '{print $1}'`

BIOS_Configuration=`dmidecode | grep "BIOS Information" -A10 | grep -e "Version:" -e "Vendor:" -e "Release Date:" |awk -F ":" '{print $2}'|xargs | sed 's/\n/,/g'`

is there any command available to find the same.
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Old 11-21-2019
You should post the output of this:


(in code tags so it is easy for others to read)
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Old 11-21-2019
# dmidecode
# dmidecode 2.11
# No SMBIOS nor DMI entry point found, sorry.

Nothing is displaying for dmidecode command in centos 5.
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Old 11-21-2019
Isn't this the same AWS server in this thread?

Why would you think you can get detailed hardware information in a virtual server in AWS?

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Old 11-21-2019
the current post is different to

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