Saltstack commands inside bash scripts don’t work

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# 8  
In /home/stack/.bashrc, there is a function called salt.

Should I put the same in my bash script?
[stack@undercloud (stackrc) ~]$ cat
source /home/stack/stackrc
echo "running"
echo $PATH
salt '*Compute-1' 'sudo virsh list'
[stack@undercloud (stackrc) ~]$
[stack@undercloud (stackrc) ~]$ ./
./ line 7: salt: command not found
[stack@undercloud (stackrc) ~]$
[stack@undercloud (stackrc) ~]$ cat .bashrc
# .bashrc
# Source global definitions
if [ -f /etc/bashrc ]; then
        . /etc/bashrc
# Uncomment the following line if you don't like systemctl's auto-paging feature:
# User specific aliases and functions
alias c_ovs='/usr/share/cbis/undercloud/tools/ OvsCompute'
alias c_ovs_triple='/usr/share/cbis/undercloud/tools/ TripleNicOvsCompute'
alias c_sriov='/usr/share/cbis/undercloud/tools/ SriovPerformanceCompute'
alias c_sriov_triple='/usr/share/cbis/undercloud/tools/ TripleNicSriovPerformanceCompute'
alias c_flat='/usr/share/cbis/undercloud/tools/ FlatSriovPerformanceCompute'
alias c_dpdk='/usr/share/cbis/undercloud/tools/ DpdkPerformanceCompute'
alias c_dpdk_triple='/usr/share/cbis/undercloud/tools/ TripleNicDpdkPerformanceCompute'
alias c_avrs='/usr/share/cbis/undercloud/tools/ AvrsReadyCompute'
alias s='/usr/share/cbis/undercloud/tools/ Storage'
alias o='/usr/share/cbis/undercloud/tools/ Controller'
alias os='/usr/bin/openstack'
alias res='/home/stack/bin/'
function salt { source ~/venv/salt-ssh/bin/activate; salt-ssh -c /home/stack/salt/etc/salt/ --log-file /home/stack/salt/var/log/salt/ssh --no-host-keys "$@"; deactivate; }
source /home/stack/stackrc
source /var/lib/cbis/cbis_hotfix_rc
alias cbis_hotfix=/var/lib/cbis/cbis_hotfix
[stack@undercloud (stackrc) ~]$

--- Post updated at 08:20 AM ---

This is resolved.

I only had to source .bashrc in my script.


Last edited by vbe; 3 Weeks Ago at 06:26 AM.. Reason: code tags please, my last warning
# 9  
cat .bashrc
function salt { ... }
typeset -x -f salt

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