Asking about the permission inherit from the parent directory

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Asking about the permission inherit from the parent directory

Asking about the permission inherit from the parent directory
I am running the web app with tomcat8, I did use umask 007 to set permission for folder which enable the sub files and folder inherit the permission from the parent directory, I was successful which some directories but the directories under the tomcat8/webapps did not inherit the permissions. Could you please suggest me other ways?
For example :
cd /usr/local/
umask 007 folder1
chgrp -R tomcat8 folder1 
chmod -R g+s folder1

cd /usr/local/software/
umask 007 backupfolder
chgrp -R tomcat8 backupfolder 
chmod -R g+s backupfolder

umask 007 folder2
chgrp -R tomcat8 folder2 
chmod -R g+s folder2

This one is failed
cd /var/lib/tomcat8/
umask 007 webapps
chgrp -R tomcat8 webapps
chmod -R g+s webapps

I set the permissions before running script to deploy the web app under tomcat8.
After running the script, it copy some files and directories to the folder1, folder2, backupfolder with the same permission with but it doesnt work with the tomcat8/webapps directory. Could anyone help me? Thank you!

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To help you we need to the perms of /var/lib/tomcat8/ and its content with perms. and the UID used... Knowing your architecture and OS helps too...
Because as we dont know as who (UID) you executed your commands, we can only assume as tomcat? which means if whatever you are trying to apply is not owned by him will effectively fail, now if you were root, the only reason it could fail is because you are either on a readonly FS ( completely non-sense in /var...) or you just found yourself traversing a NFS with no perms for root ( security reasons...)
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