Converting awk to perl

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Converting awk to perl

Hello. I'm currently teaching myself Perl and was trying to turn an awk code that I had written into Perl. I have gotten stuck on a particular part and a2p has not helped me at all. The task was to take a .csv file containing a name, assignment type, score and points possible and compute it into a weighted grade.
An example of the .csv file is:

Billy     Final           Final     82     100
Billy     Survey        WS       5       5
Bob     Homework   H01      19     100
Bob     Homework   H02      82     100
 Sam    Quiz            Q01      95     100

Here is the code that I have:

  open ($input, '<', $ARGV[0]);
  $i =0;
  %data = ();
  while ($line = <$input>)
      chomp $line;
      @field = split "," , $line;
      $names[$i] = $field[0];
      push (@{$data{$names[$i]}}, ($field[3], $field[4]));
      $i = $i + 1;
  close $input;
  printf("%-8s %8s \t %s \n", "Name", "Percent", "Letter");
  foreach $key ( sort keys %data )
      @value = @{$data{$key}};
      $total = 0;
      $possible = 0;
      $percent = 0;
      $i = 0;
      foreach $val (@value)
          if($i % 2 == 0)
              $total += $val;
              $possible += $val;
              $i += 1;

  foreach $_ (keys %names) {
      $Homework=($total[$_ . "Homework"] / $possible[$_ . "Homework"]) * 0.10;
      $Lab =($total[$_ . "Lab"] / $possible[$_ . "Lab"]) * .30;
      $Final = ($total[$_ . "Final"] / $possible[$_ . "Final"]) * .15;
      $Quiz = ($total[$_ . "Quiz"] / $possible[$_ . "Quiz"]) * .40;
      $Survery = ($total[$_ . "Survey"] / $possible[$_ . "Survey"]) * .05;
      $percent = ($Homework + $Lab + $Final + $Quiz + $Survery) * 100;
      printf "%s\t%.2f\t", $_, $percent;
      if ($percent >= 90 && $percent <= 100) {
      print 'A';
      elsif ($percent >= 80 && $percent < 90) {
      print 'B';
      elsif ($percent >= 70 && $percent < 80) {
      print 'C';
      elsif ($percent >= 60 && $percent < 70) {
      print 'D';
      else {
      print 'E';
      printf("%-8s %8.2f \t %4s\n", $key, $percent, $grade);

I keep getting syntax errors on the follow part of the code:

foreach $_ (keys %names) {
      $Homework=($total[$_ . "Homework"] / $possible[$_ . "Homework"]) * 0.10;
      $Lab =($total[$_ . "Lab"] / $possible[$_ .[$_ . "Lab"]) * .30;
      $Final = ($total[$_ . "Final"] / $possible[$_ . "Final"]) * .15;
      $Quiz = ($total[$_ . "Quiz"] / $possible[$_ . "Quiz"]) * .40;
      $Survery = ($total[$_ . "Survey"] / $possible[$_ . "Survey"]) * .05;
      $percent = ($Homework + $Lab + $Final + $Quiz + $Survery) * 100;

The only output I am getting is Name Percent Letter and none of the data from the csv file. Any tips?

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Dear Eric7giants,

Thanks for posting these programming challenges.

Cross language coding and lateral thinking is really important to increase cognitive skills and technical abilities.
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