Adding indexes with PERL

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Adding indexes with PERL

Hello. I'm trying to self learn Perl and am stuck. I have a data.csv file that contains the following:


I'm trying to get Perl to take the indexes and add them all together to get 134. It says I need to use split and invoke the file via
<> (built-in provides data from files and standard-in) the command line. So I'm doing ./ data.csv to run it but I'm just
getting 4 lines containing a single 0. Any pointers?

Here is the code I have so far:

while (<>){

print ("\n");

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Mod Comment

Please do not add color to your code. It makes reading almost impossible.

Please edit your post and remove all the color you added.


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Your task is pretty basic. You will find a lot of examples if you...

... search google for "perl read from stdin" ...
... read the documentation for the functions, e. g. perldoc -f split

I do not see where you are assigning a value to your variable $input, which you'd like to split.

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