Application server is running or not

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Application server is running or not

Hi All,

i am trying to find whether nginx is installed or not as well process is running or not on my centos server.

For that i am searching for the nginx configuration file nginx.conf based on that i am printing the ouput.

Below script i am using.

var=$(find / -name "nginx.conf" ! -size 0 |egrep -v "roles")

#echo "$var"

if [ -z "$var" ]
      echo "nginx : nginx is not installed"

pgrep -x "nginx" > /dev/null

  process_id=$(netstat -ltnp | grep -w nginx  |grep -v tcp6 |tr -s " " |awk -F " " '{print $7}'|awk -F "/" '{print $1}')
port_number=$(netstat -ltnp | grep -w nginx  |grep -v tcp6 |tr -s " " |awk -F " " '{print $4}' |awk -F ":" '{print $2}')

echo -e "{\"'name'\":\"'"nginx"'\",\"'location'\":\"'"$var"'\", \"'pid'\":\"'"$process_id"'\"}"

    echo "Status : Not running "
    echo "pid : None"
    echo "port_number : None"

am getting output as below :

{"'name'":"'nginx'","'pid'":"'/etc/nginx/nginx.conf /tmp/nginx.conf'", "'pid'":"'18508'"}

But desired output :

{"'name'":"'nginx'","'pid'":"'/etc/nginx/nginx.conf '", "'pid'":"'18508'"},
{"'name'":"'nginx'","'pid'":"' /tmp/nginx.conf '", "'pid'":"'18508'"}

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Think you have a typo in the output and expected output. These should contain "location" not "pid" for paths right?

Try replacing this:
echo -e "{\"'name'\":\"'"nginx"'\",\"'location'\":\"'"$var"'\", \"'pid'\":\"'"$process_id"'\"}"

with this
for loc in $var
    echo -e "{\"'name'\":\"'"nginx"'\",\"'location'\":\"'"$loc"'\", \"'pid'\":\"'"$process_id"'\"}"

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