SPARC T4-1 "ERROR: boot-read fail"

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# 8  
Okay, so do you know how to do that now? See my post#6.

When you get to:

Solaris console login

do NOT try and login. Just do nothing. Let it run.
# 9  
Booting off irrelevant boot devices is not going to help the OP.

The OP has, I assumed, downloaded a ISO and installed it on a USB drive; and the OP wants to boot off of that drive, for example.

The OP is not having a problem booting their machine, it seems to me.

They are having a problem getting the machine to boot off newly created media, in this case a USB stick and something else (sorry, I did not look back at the original post).

I don't think booting off other devices is going to help the OP, at all; since booting the machine is not the problem. The problem is booking off some newly created media the OP created from an ISO file.

That is how the OP reads to me.

Isn't that correct?
# 10 might be right but I hope that you're not.

The OP said at the start...........

Either I try to boot from USB bootable drive or from a bootable dvdrom, I am receiving a message ERROR: boot-read fail
So I assume that s/he was trying to boot anyway that would work. Trying to specify the full bus path is great but prone to error because one character wrong and it doesn't work. Yes, the OP also tried to boot from USB stick. Just giving the boot cdrom command lets the hardware do the work of finding the correct bus path. That proved that the hardware was bootable and not faulty.

The OP then said:

by which I assumed (perhaps incorrectly due to language) was "NOW I AM NOT ABLE TO INSTALL FROM DVD FROM A HASH PROMPT"
and this being caused by trying to login at the "Solaris console login:" prompt and not waiting for the Solaris install routine to start.

When asked to explain the OP said:

I need to install Solaris on this disk. Its a new disk I installed on SPARC machine
which I assumed to mean trying to install Solaris to a newly installed hard disk on this T4-1, so I gave advice to wait for the install routine to start and to totally ignore the console login prompt.

Anyway, I guess we'll both know when the OP posts back, but that was my thinking. You saw it differently.

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# 11  
Got your point. I did it but installer failed with below errors

solaris console login:
Automated Installation started.
The progress of the Automated Installation will be output to the console.
Detailed logging is in the logfile at /system/volatile/install_log.
Press RETURN to get a login prompt at any time.

11:03:27    Install Log: /system/volatile/install_log
11:03:27    Using XML Manifest: /system/volatile/ai.xml
11:03:27    Using profile specification: /system/volatile/profile
11:03:27    Starting installation.
11:03:27    0% Preparing for Installation
11:03:27    100% manifest-parser completed.
11:03:27    0% Preparing for Installation
11:03:28    1% Preparing for Installation
11:03:28    2% Preparing for Installation
11:03:28    3% Preparing for Installation
11:03:28    4% Preparing for Installation
11:03:28    8% install-env-configuration completed.
11:03:45    24% target-discovery completed.
11:03:45    Selected Disk(s) : c1t5000C5000ACF77FDd0 (SYS/HDD1)
11:03:45    30% target-selection completed.
11:03:45    33% ai-configuration completed.
11:03:45    35% var-share-dataset completed.
11:04:02    36% target-instantiation completed.
11:04:02    36% Beginning IPS transfer
11:04:02    Creating IPS image
11:04:03    Error occurred during execution of 'generated-transfer-680-1' checkpoint.
11:04:03    Failed Checkpoints:
11:04:03        generated-transfer-680-1
11:04:03    Checkpoint execution error:
11:04:03          Invalid pkg(7) response from Attempting operation 'versions' version 0:
11:04:03        InvalidContentException while parsing response
11:04:03    Automated Installation Failed.  See install log at /system/volatile/install_log
Automated Installation failed.
Please refer to the /system/volatile/install_log file for details.
Oct 28 11:04:04 solaris svc.startd[11]: application/auto-installer:default failed fatally: transitioned to maintenance (see 'svcs -xv' for details)

# 12  
Don't take the AI install option, select a local install (from the DVD).

AI install depends on good internet connection, communication with repository, etc.

Avoid AI install. That should get Solaris running on the box.
# 13  
yes! Thats was the internet issue. Its resolved and installation is resumed.

So how can we execute manual installation and skip AI

# 14  

I'd think that you are pointing at the Online IPS, you have to select a local install from DVD.


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