Multiline html tag parse shell script

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vgersh99, i tried that before but i don't know why it lists the whole file
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Originally Posted by SorcRR
vgersh99, i tried that before but i don't know why it lists the whole file
pls provide the output of (using code tags): cat -vet myFile
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Originally Posted by SorcRR
I want to get at least what is between <p class="margin-bottom-0"> and </p>
Why didn't you specify that, then, in the first place?

sed -n '/<p/,/<\/p/ {/<p.*\/p>/b; s/ *<[^>]*> *//g; /^$/d;  p}' file

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Since HTML is very similar to XML, you may use an xml tool to parse your file.

Since your HTML-File is not fully standards compliant, the parser complains about it and the file has either be adapted by hand to be compliant or to be preprocessed prior to the parsing. The <br> is the problematic element. Compliant would be <br/> with a slash within the tag.

So you can do it with an xmlparser like xmlstarlet in three steps:

sed 's|<br>|<br/>|gi' data.html      |
  xmlstarlet sel -t -v '//body/div/p'   |
  sed -e '/^\s*$/d' -e 's/^\s*//'

1. Make the html file compliant by replacing the br-Tags
2. Get the wanted HTML-Element with xmlstarlet
3. suppress unwanted empty lines and leading whitespace in data / xmlstarlet output

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RudiC, thanks, that works just great if i have a file with the html code, but i store the html code in variable:

This works, but i store the html code in a variable, not a file:
text=$(sed -n '/<p class="margin-bottom-0">/,/<\/p/ {
            s/ *<[^>]*> *//g
            }' htmlfile)

echo $text >> results

This is my final solution
siteSource=$(curl -L --connect-timeout 14 "$urls" 2> /dev/null)

text=$(printf "%s" "$siteSource" | sed -n '/<p class="margin-bottom-0">/,/<\/p/ {
            s/ *<[^>]*> *//g

echo $text >> results

oh, and also i had to get rid of the semicolons because i had an error sed: 1: "/<p/,/<\/p/ {/<p.*\/p>/ ...": unexpected EOF (pending }'s)
and found that getting rid of the semicolons and using newline instead fixes this error.

Thanks everyone for the help.

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stomp, i like your solution too, looks very clean unfortunately xmlstarlet is very picky,
in my real life problem it's not just <br>-s that needs to be transformed to be compliant and would be overkill to check and transform the whole html page for xmlstarlet
But glad that you showed me this, i might use it somewhere else.


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How about

text=$(curl -L --connect-timeout 14 "$urls" 2> /dev/null |
       sed -n '/<p class="margin-bottom-0">/,/<\/p/ {
            s/ *<[^>]*> *//g

dropping the intermediate variable?
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RudiC, i'm not dropping it, because i need to get other texts out of the html, but for the example sakes, yes that would make it more optimized.
I have 5 more texts that i'm matching and making the output into a csv file.
The html from which i'm parsing is built up very poorly.

Actual code snippet:
<p class="margin-bottom-0">
											Diameter: 2<br>
Width [cm]: 4<br>Accessories: no<br>Material: metal<br>										</p>

so as you can see it has a lot of spaces, and new lines at the end and beginning.
Your solution doesn't deal with those so i came up with this:

text=$(printf "%s" "$siteSource" | sed -n '/<p class="margin-bottom-0">/,/<\/p/ {
            /<p class="margin-bottom-0">.*\/div>/b
            s/ *<[^>]*> *//g
            }' | awk '{$1=$1};1' | tr ',' ';' | tr -d "\n\r" )

Since i need this all in one line or else the csv file will broke (just realized this) had to get rid of the new lines tr -d "\n\r"
I' removing the extra whitespaces at the beginning and end awk '{$1=$1};1'
Also for csv proofing i'm replacing the commas with semicolon because csv will interpret commas as end of column tr ',' ';'
So this makes me wonder if that one sed could do all these by on it's own.
But i'm happy now because this works now.

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