How to simulate column command in Solaris?

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How to simulate column command in Solaris?


Does anyone know how to have a similar output like below on Solaris without using column?
The output below is on Linux that uses the column and there is no column command in Solaris.

$ sort /tmp/x.txt | uniq | column -c 50
csfd0   csfd5   mchd11  mchp1   mpeq2   nocd20
csfd1   csfd8   mchd12  mcht1   mpet1   nocd3
csfd10  csfd9   mchd15  mcht11  nocd0   nocd5
csfd11  csft1   mchd2   mcht3   nocd1   nocd8
csfd12  csft11  mchd20  mped0   nocd10  nocd9
csfd15  csft3   mchd3   mped1   nocd11  nocp1
csfd2   mchd0   mchd5   mped10  nocd12  noct1
csfd20  mchd1   mchd8   mped15  nocd15  noct11
csfd3   mchd10  mchd9   mped20  nocd2   noct3

Found this command via Googling. This is more or less what am after but I want to put more spaces between columns though? Any tips on how to do this?

$: sort /tmp/x.txt | uniq | paste -s -d"\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\\t\n" -
csfd0   csfd1   csfd10  csfd11  csfd12  csfd15  csfd2   csfd20  csfd3
csfd5   csfd8   csfd9   csft1   csft11  csft3   mchd0   mchd1   mchd10
mchd11  mchd12  mchd15  mchd2   mchd20  mchd3   mchd5   mchd8   mchd9
mchp1   mcht1   mcht11  mcht3   mped0   mped1   mped10  mped15  mped20
mpeq2   mpet1   nocd0   nocd1   nocd10  nocd11  nocd12  nocd15  nocd2
nocd20  nocd3   nocd5   nocd8   nocd9   nocp1   noct1   noct11  noct3

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You should post the contents of your original data (in the file below):


... if you need expert help.
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