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How to remove a value from first column in the second column?

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Old 10-09-2019
How to remove a value from first column in the second column?


I have a file like this:
5_2207830114	5_2207830114,13_2207830312,15_2207830336
8_2207830145	8_2207830145,15_2207830336
10_2207830220	5_2207830114,7_2207830138,8_2207830145,10_2207830220,12_2207830244,13_2207830312,15_2207830336,16_2207830343
12_2207830244	12_2207830244,15_2207830336,16_2207830343

I want an output like this:
5_2207830114	13_2207830312,15_2207830336
8_2207830145	15_2207830336
10_2207830220	5_2207830114,7_2207830138,8_2207830145,12_2207830244,13_2207830312,15_2207830336,16_2207830343
12_2207830244	15_2207830336,16_2207830343

SO basically I want to remove the value of the first column in the second column.

I tried several commands with awk but didn'T get the desired output. Can anyone help?

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Old 10-09-2019
Can you post what you tried?
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Old 10-09-2019
I tried:
awk -F $'\t' '$1=/.*$2.*/ {print $0}' unique_matches.txt
but this does not result in anything...

and then I tried
awk -F $'\t' '$2=$1,/.*/ {print $0}' unique_matches.txt

but the output is:
5_2207830114 5_2207830114
8_2207830145 8_2207830145
10_2207830220 10_2207830220
12_2207830244 12_2207830244

so its somehow the opposite
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Old 10-09-2019
How about
awk '{sub ($1 ",", "", $2)} 1' file
5_2207830114 13_2207830312,15_2207830336
8_2207830145 15_2207830336
10_2207830220 5_2207830114,7_2207830138,8_2207830145,12_2207830244,13_2207830312,15_2207830336,16_22 07830343
12_2207830244 15_2207830336,16_2207830343

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Old 10-09-2019
Wow, thank you, that's perfect!...and actually so simple :-D

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