Find matched pattern and print all based on certain conditions

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Originally Posted by RudiC
Well, looks like any tra_law line should reset the counters, regardless of the $5 - $4 delta value. Try this small adaption.

awk -F"\t" '
NR > 2           &&
$3 ~ /tra_law/  {if ((CNT > 3) && (DELTA > 200)) print substr (OUT, 2)
                 DELTA = $5 - $4
                 SRC = $1
                 OUT = ""
                 CNT = 0
$1 == SRC       {OUT = OUT ORS $0 
                 CNT ++
END             {if  ((CNT > 3) && (DELTA > 200))  print substr (OUT, 2)

 ' file

Your new file seems to have multiple <TAB> chars as field separators?

Hi RudiC,

The multiple <TAB> chars were my typo mistakes. Sorry about that.

It worked now. Thanks a million. I am trying to understand your codes especially the "OUT" part. If you don't mind, can you pls help explain about it. thanks

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