awk to clean up input file, printing both fields

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awk to clean up input file, printing both fields

In the f1 file below I am trying to clean it up removing lines the have _tn_ in them. Next, removing the characters in $2 before the ninth /. Then I remove the ID_(digit- always 4). Finally, the charcters after and including the first _. It is curently doing most of it but the cut is removing $1 and I'm sure there is a better way. Thank you Smilie.

1112233  /xxxx/xxxx/xxxx/xxxx/yyy_yyyy_yy-yyyy-yyy-yyy_yyyy_yyyy_yyyy_yyyy_yyy_yyy_yyy_000_000/yyy/yyy/ID_1234_000000-Control_z_zzzz_zz_zz_zz_zz_zz_zzz_zz-zzzz-zzz-zzz_zzzz_zzzz_zzz_zzz_zzz_zzz_zzz.txt
1112231  /xxxx/xxxx/xxxx/xxxx/yyy_yyyy_yy-yyyy-yyy-yyy_yyyy_yyyy_yyyy_yyyy_yyy_yyy_yyy_000_000/yyy_tn_yyy/yyy/ID_1234_000000-Control_z_zzzz_zz_zz_zz_zz_zz_zzz_zz-zzzz-zzz-zzz_zzzz_zzzz_zzz_zzz_zzz_zzz_zzz.txt


1112231  000000-Control

sed '/_tn_/d' f1 | cut -d/ -f9 | awk '{ gsub(/ID_[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]_/, "", $2); print }' | cut -d_ -f1- > out

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You can include field #1 in cut
sed '/_tn_/d' f1 | cut -d/ -f1,9

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This example is wrong, thanks Rudi See two posts down for a revised version, tried to use REGEX to simplify the code, does not accomplish much.
Using the sample
this code
awk -F "[/ \-]" '{
                  printf("%s %s\n", $1, substr( $(15),1, index($(15),"_") -1 ) ) 
               }' filename

1112233 Control
1112231 Control

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Please check your post #1 for specification errors.
awk '/_tn_/ {next} gsub ("^.*/|_.*$|ID_...._", "", $2)' file
1112233 000000-Control

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Corrected version
awk -F "[/ \-]" '{
                  gsub("[A-Z]{2}_[0-9]{4}_", "", tmp)
                  printf("%s %s-%s\n", $1, tmp, substr( $(15),1, index($(15),"_") -1 ) ) 
               }' filename

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Thank you all Smilie
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