Shell script, For loop output to excel as columns

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Hmmm - I don't see too much of your own in your post; you even copied the incorrect $A output that I now corrected in my original post #10.
Howsoever, try
DT="$(/bin/date "+%Y-%m-%d")"
SRC="Execution Complete "
for num in $servernums
  do    HD="$HD server${num}"
        TMP=$(grep "$SRC" $FN$num|wc -l)
        DT="$DT $TMP"
        (( TOT += TMP ))
[ ! -f "$ON" ] && echo $HD Total > "$ON"
echo $DT $TOT >> "$ON"

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This module is the generic loading (and base class) for all "CPANPLUS" shells. Through this module you can load any installed "CPANPLUS" shell. Just about all the functionality is provided by the shell that you have loaded, and not by this class (which merely functions as a generic loading class), so please consult the documentation of your shell of choice. BUG REPORTS
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