Cron entry to pass the value to script

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Cron entry to pass the value to script


I have a script( which calls another script( and gets a value in a variable like the below:

File_to_Refresh="$(sh /Aug/work/ /Aug/Work/Universal_File.txt)"

Now I have to schedule the script for 3 different files i.e. the Universal_File.txt with 3 different values and on 3 different days.

So, to make the script generic, I want to pass the Universal file to from the Cron Entry only.

How Can i achieve the same?

Below is working if I run the script manually like sh /Aug/Work/ /Aug/Work/Universal_File.txt but it's not working when i run it through cron.

File_to_Refresh="$(sh /Aug/work/ "$1")"

Cron :

45 08 * * * sh /Aug/Work/ /Aug/Work/Universal_File.txt

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I suspect that your cron job is working correctly, in that it will spawn a shell and close. You should be able to see out put in your local mail "Q".

Try running the shell script on it's own as follows;

45 08 * * * /Aug/Work/ /Aug/Work/Universal_File.txt

But I suspect that you may have to take your input file and call from inside your shell script.


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Yes, it works. The argument /Aug/Work/Universal_File.txt lands in $1.
The prefixed sh allows the /Aug/Work/ to not be executable.
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