Extract content between strings

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Extract content between strings

i am stuck with this.
i have input which is as follows
/type/work      /works/OL10627594W      3       2019-04-24T16:46:21.351549      {"created": {"type": "/type/datetime", "value": "2009-12-11T03:18:17.488715"}, "title": "Tog the dog", "covers": [8562336], "last_modified": {"type": "/type/datetime", "value": "2019-04-24T16:46:21.351549"}, "latest_revision": 3, "key": "/works/OL10627594W", "auth

i want a linux command to extract content between
"title": "

so output should be
Tog the dog

I am trying
sed   's/"title": "\(.*\)",/\1/'

but didnt work.
can someone suggest a command for this?


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How about (untested)
sed  's/^.*"title": "//; s/",.*$//'

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yes that works.
thank you
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Two substitutions is best here.
You can do it with one substitution though, as you intended.
sed 's/.*"title": "\([^"]*\)",.*/\1/'

Leading and trailing. * cover all the line, so all is substituted.
The .* is greedy; use [^"]* to ensure the following ", is the first one, in case there are more ", following.
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