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# 1  
Mount error

hi , i need help in mounting NFS share on solaris 10, can i get some hehlp as i received this error " mount: mount point cannot be determined"

i have done following
1. i am root user
2. Directory name as mount point already created
3. chmod 777 is applied on mount point
4. read write prmission is given by storage admin(me).
5. just mount another share but this one in not mounting

plz Guide

# 2  
Show your environment, show what you did, and show what you received.
# 3  
ok great
it is database server. i login as root and then created a directory at /export/home/oracle/backup01 .it is solrais 10. i give 777 to backupo1 and then i try to mount as
mount /export/home/oracle/backup01 and i get the error. "mount: mount point cannot be determined" and my vfstab is
ip:/backup01 - /export/home/oracle/backup01 nfs - Yes rw,bg,hard,nointr,rsize,=32768,wsize=32768,proto=tcp,noac,nosuid

plz help
# 4  
Can you show us the output of any good df command ( df -m, df -k etc...)?
# 5  
i use df -h and it only shows those file system which already mounted.right now i have mounted some 5 shares from 3 diferent NFS svrs but i have no inter connectivity so wont be able to show that if you need specfici information so i will check and give please

# 6  
i just use mountall and all share are up. i dont know why it was not mounting indivudually (bear spelling please)
this why is with me since last 9 years but i am not expert of UNIX i just do subject kind of tasks.
any way thank u all for your time.

Regards and good day
# 7  
As other have asked, you should post the output of:

df -h

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