Sun Ray 3 UNIX Lab not connected to Solaris 10 Server

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Sun Ray 3 UNIX Lab not connected to Solaris 10 Server

All 30 of my students in the Linux Lab here at school have the same message showing on their screen when they try to log into the server.

The network link is up, the server is not authenticated and graphics/keyboard are not encrypted. DCHP provided IP address, subnet mask, and router, but Sun Ray vendor-specific parameters are missing.

How can we Authenticate the Server and fix the missing specific parameters on the Solaris Server to fix this issue ??
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According to this page, you have a DHCP configuration problem:

"DCHP State Code B"

Sun Ray Server Software 4.0 Administrator’s Guide for Solaris - Troubleshooting and Tuning Tips

Do you have a license from Oracle for Sun Ray?
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DCHP provided IP address, subnet mask, and router, but Sun Ray vendor-specific parameters are missing.
So the DHCP server issued an ip lease, subnet mask, and gateway address but vendor-specific parameters aren't right.

Is there any chance that the Java Run-Time (JRE) has been updated on the host? Many times I've seen that screw up all Sunray access.

If so, see attached section 2.5.3 and check which version of JRE /usr/java is linked to.
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For additional information..........

The Sunray firmware was configured to talk to a particular JRE version when it was installed. I've seen examples where JRE has been updated to a later version and the Sunray's stop working. When JRE installs it (usually) creates a new directory for that version and links /usr/java to it. It does not overwrite the old version. Therefore, in these cases, you can link /usr/java back to the old version, reboot the Sunray, and all is well.

So has your JRE been updated?
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I left early from the office for the holiday but when I return this coming week I will check and see if the JRE has been updated

will the

allow me to see the current version installed ? and if so how can we link it back the previous old version. I do believe the students were getting a message saying
JRE is being updated please use new version
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The current java version is "1.6.0_21"
THE JRE has not been updated

Couldnt not chdir to home directory /export/home/mwill: Permission Denied
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Couldnt not chdir to home directory /export/home/mwill: Permission Denied

So if you login directly onto the host can you change to that directory? If not, is /export filesystem mounted? Or is it serviced by an automounter that is not working for some reason?
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