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“sed” replace date in text file with current date

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Old 08-27-2019
“sed” replace date in text file with current date

We want to call a parameter file (.txt) where my application read dynamic values when the job is triggered, one of such values are below:

I am trying to write a small command that can update these dates daily with current date but its not replacing the date value.
sed -i 's/$$EDWS_DATE_INSERT =.*/$$EDWS_DATE_INSERT="$(date `+%y%m%d`)"/' abc.txt

Current result:
$$EDWS_DATE_INSERT="$(date `+%y%m%d`)"

Can anyone help with this?

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Old 08-27-2019
sed -i 's/$$EDWS_DATE_INSERT *=.*/$$EDWS_DATE_INSERT='"$(date "+%y%m%d")"'/' abc.txt

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Old 08-27-2019
sed -i 's/$$EDWS_DATE_INSERT *=.*/$$EDWS_DATE_INSERT='"$(date `+%y%m%d`)"'/' abc.txt

-ksh: +%y%m%d: not found [No Such File or directory]

gave this error but it worked ; however the date format ended up being timestamp its did not format to date

$$EDWS_DATE_INSERT=Tue Aug 27 15:15:15 CDT 2019
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Old 08-27-2019
See updated post to fix quotes.

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