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Concatenate a string and number and compare that with another string in awk script

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Old 08-27-2019
Concatenate a string and number and compare that with another string in awk script

I have below code inside my awk script

if ( $0 ~ /SVC IN:/ )
    svc_in=substr( $0,23 , 3);
    if (msg_start == 1 && msg_end == 0)
else if ( $0 ~ /^SVC OUT:/ )
    svc_out=substr( $0, 9, 3);
      if (msg_start == 1 && msg_end == 0)
 else if ( $0 ~ /^MSGEND/ )
 if ( $svc_in$svc_out != "ABCABC" )
print .....
print ..

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The issue here is it works fine when both in and out values are strings and gets an error when one of them is a number.
My input file has diff combinations, how can we convert it when we get a number in any one value?

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Old 08-27-2019
svc_in svc_out != "ABCABC"

(do not use $'s in front of variables)

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Old 08-27-2019
Do we need to give space in between svc_in and svc_out or without any space?
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Old 08-27-2019
give space. otherwise it will think it's another variable.

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Old 08-27-2019
The space character is the concatenation operator in awk

$ echo "333" | awk '{ $0="space in front " $0 "no space after"; print $0}'
space in front 333no space after

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Old 08-28-2019
This worked, Thanks for your help !!
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Old 08-29-2019
Put a string concatenation in parenthesis to better visualize the order!
if ( (svc_in svc_out) != "ABCABC" )

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