AIX - SAN Mount and Unmount on LPAR

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AIX - SAN Mount and Unmount on LPAR

We have 2 LPAR. LPAR #1 have a Application, Database Server process (ctree Server) and SAN+Physical Table. LPAR#2 has only Application.
Both Application process are connected to Database via C-tree Server Process (Running on LPAR #1..

We want to keep one Active C-tree Server and one Backup C-tree Server. If Active C-tree server down then we want to start backup cTree server.
If we switch to C-Tree Server #2, then do we need to unmount SAN & Database and mount it on other LPAR.
Or can C-tree Server running on LPAR#2, directly talk with SAN/Database which is on LPAR#1
Please help me?
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Have you reviewed the IBM discussion on a similar topic?

Topic: how to and install and mount CIFS on AIX LPAR

Or looked at the "10 More Discussions You Might Find Interesting" section of similar discussions at the bottom of this page?
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