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Perl one liner in bash script not replacing hours and minutes [HH:MM]

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Old 08-16-2019
Perl one liner in bash script not replacing hours and minutes [HH:MM]


I want to replace time stamp in the following line
PROCNAME.Merge.exchMon.CODE.T_QSTART        08:45              read

assuming the new time stamp is 09:45 ; the line is getting replaced as below

:45              read

I'm trying to use the perl one liner in bash script
perl -pi -e 's/('$PROCNAME'.Merge.exchMon.'$CODE'.'$T_QSTART'.*)'$CURRENT_QSTART'(.*read)/$1'$NEW_QSTART'$2/g' $CONFIG

Can anyone please help me here with the correct perl one liner?

i'm not keen on using sed and i want to avoid temporary files
sed -i => illegal option error

OS version:
SunOS solvma1 5.11 i86pc i386 i86pc

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Old 08-16-2019
perl -pi -e 's/('$PROCNAME'.Merge.exchMon.'$CODE'.'$T_QSTART'.*)'$CURRENT_QSTART'(.*read)/${1}'$NEW_QSTART'${2}/g' $CONFIG

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Old 08-16-2019
Thanks a ton! it worked!! Smilie Smilie
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Old 08-16-2019
The shell concatenates $1 and 09:45 so it becomes $109:45 in the perl code, and perl sees $109
With the braces it becomes ${1}09:45
The trailing /g (g option) is nonsense here; the attempt to redo the substitution will never succeed.
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Old 08-16-2019
Thank you for making it clear!Smilie

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