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Read Table in file and split

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Old 08-14-2019
Read Table in file and split

I need your help please , i need to read a file that contain a table like :

Name  |   Status
DB 1   |  UP
DB 2  |  UP
DB 3  |  DOWN
DB 4  |  UP
DB 5  |  UP

the objective to read each line and check if DB is UP or Down and give me the name of Down database.
Thank you
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Old 08-14-2019
DB 3 is down.
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Old 08-14-2019

What have you tried?

This seems to work;

[root@fbakirpomd4 ~]# cat table.txt
Name  |   Status
DB 1   |  UP
DB 2  |  UP
DB 3  |  DOWN
DB 4  |  UP
DB 5  |  UP

You can put your own wrappers round it.

[root@fbakirpomd4 ~]# awk -F"|" '/DOWN/ { print $1" is "$2 }' < table.txt
DB 3   is   DOWN
[root@fbakirpomd4 ~]#



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Old 08-14-2019
sed -n '/DOWN/s/|/is/p' table.txt

DB 3  is  DOWN


awk -F\| '/DOWN/{print $1}' table.txt

DB 3

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Old 08-14-2019
awk '/DOWN *$/ && $(NF-1)="is"' table.txt

Caveat on using /DOWN/ for line match, it returns lines like:

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Old 08-15-2019
Thank you for your help , i have created this one but it show all the file content ...
awk -F"|" ' {
        if ($2!="UP"){
           print "Node" $1 "is" $2 ;
        else {
           print "All Nodes OK" ;
}' db_status.txt  | awk '/-------/{flag=1;next}/rows/{flag=0}flag'

thank you
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Old 08-15-2019
awk -F"|" '
NR > 2 {
   if ($2 !~ /UP/) {
      print "Node: " $1 "is" $2 ;
   if (! all_nodes_ok) print "All Nodes OK" ;
}' db_status.txt

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