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How to convert any shell command output to JSON format?

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Originally Posted by apmcd47
@NEO, I don't generally do much with JSON, and find JQ is a good tool for pretty-printing, or extracting data from a JSON file. If I wanted to manipulate JSON data, I would probably use python, just as you use PHP.

I should probably start using Python for routine tasks more .... it time I got off my dependance on PHP in the shell and start doing more in Python, me thinks.

Thanks Andrew.
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PLUTIL(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						 PLUTIL(1)

plutil -- property list utility
plutil [command_option] [other_options] file ...
plutil can be used to check the syntax of property list files, or convert a plist file from one format to another. Specifying - as an input file reads from stdin. The first argument indicates the operation to perform, one of: -help Show the usage information for the command and exit. -p Print the property list in a human-readable fashion. The output format is not stable and not designed for machine parsing. The purpose of this command is to be able to easily read the contents of a plist file, no matter what format it is in. -lint Check the named property list files for syntax errors. This is the default command option if none is specified. -convert fmt Convert the named file to the indicated format and write back to the file system. If the file can't be loaded due to invalid syntax, the operation fails. fmt is one of: xml1, for version 1 of the XML plist format binary1, for version 1 of the binary plist format json, for the JSON format There are a few additional options: -- Specifies that all further arguments are file names -s Don't print anything on success. -r For JSON, add whitespace and indentation to make the output more human-readable. -o path Specify an alternate path name for the result of the -convert operation; this option is only useful with a single file to be converted. Specifying - as the path outputs to stdout. -e extension Specify an alternate extension for converted files, and the output file names are otherwise the same.
The plutil command exits 0 on success, and 1 on failure.
The plutil command obeys no one's rules but its own.
The plutil command first appeared in Mac OS X 10.2. Mac OS X August 30, 2002 Mac OS X

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