Variable not displaying in subject line of mailx email

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Old 07-31-2019
Variable not displaying in subject line of mailx email


Newbie here with first post. I've got a shell script (ksh) whereby I run a SQL*Plus script and output the results to a file. I then check the output file in an if statement that looks like this:

if [[ -e $OUTFILE ]]; then

export GAPNUM=`awk '{print $4}' $OUTFILE`

  if [[ $GAPNUM -ge 5 ]] then

  mailx -s "Possible Redo Apply Issue at $ORACLE_SID - Log Gap is "$GAPNUM" $MAIL_TO < $OUTFILE




    echo "$OUTFILE does not exist" | mailx -s $SUBJECT $MAIL_TO

Everything works fine except when the email is sent, although $ORACLE_SID value displays, $GAPNUM does not. I've searched on this site and others and am not sure what I'm doing wrong. If I place an echo $GAPNUM just before the mailx line it displays. What am I missing?



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Old 07-31-2019
You've got an extra quotation mark in there:
mailx -s "Possible Redo Apply Issue at $ORACLE_SID - Log Gap is "$GAPNUM" $MAIL_TO < $OUTFILE

Which might be swallowing up quite a bit of code below it.
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Old 07-31-2019
Thanks Corona, but I'm not sure how that code in my post as it's not in my code. The line reads as-follows:

 mailx -s "Possible Redo Apply Issue at $ORACLE_SID - Log Gap is ${GAPNUM}" $MAIL_TO < $OUTFILE

Any other thoughts?


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Old 08-01-2019
is a single line, this line will produce a variable with line breaks:
awk '{print $4}' $OUTFILE
Update the statement to read a single variable.
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Old 08-01-2019
Hi rdrtx

Thanks, but that is a single line and works fine. My issue is that the variable $GAPNUM does not show in the subject line, even though the other variable in the subject line ($ORACLE_SID) does.


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Old 08-01-2019
Can you echo what "$GAPNUM" is set to prior to the mailx statement?
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Old 08-01-2019
Yup, did that and it echoes the correct value of 0, which stumped me even more. I totally don't understand why it displays in the previous line (i.e the echo) but not in the subject line.
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