Top 5 cpu and Mem consuming process and files and suggestion for health check

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Old 07-23-2019
Top 5 cpu and Mem consuming process and files and suggestion for health check

I am middle of writing health check scripts, can you pls share commands on how I can get cpu and Mem of top consuming process info at the moment?

Also can u suggest ideas on what all I can look for as a part do health check on red hat Linux server?

I searched on site before posting, but surprisingly didn't find any.
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Old 07-23-2019
The basic things to look for:
CPU, memory, disk.
A small monitoring solution:
If you insist of writing shell scripts, look at my Nagios plugins. The plugin scripts can be run standalone (without Nagios), you can adapt the output to suit your needs.
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Old 07-23-2019
Only recently i learned that NMON is available for Linux too (i used to use it on AIX systems only). It has an interactive mode but also a daemon mode and its output can be analysed with the "NMON Analyser". Both NMON and NMON Analyser is downladable freely.

I hope this helps.

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