In Bash shell - the ps -ef shows only the /bin/bash but the script name is not displayed

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Old 07-22-2019
In Bash shell - the ps -ef shows only the /bin/bash but the script name is not displayed

In Bash shell - the ps -ef shows only the /bin/bash but the script name is not displayed ? Is there any way to get the script names for the process command ?

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in KSH (Korn Shell), my command output shows the script names but when run in the Bash Shell (/bin/bash) ... it is all showing up as /bin/bash

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Old 07-23-2019
Have a look in the manual page for ps for a variety of options. You can ask (with the -o option) for various items of output.

Please can you post your OS name and version. There are differences between them, so it's important to know which you have.
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Old 07-23-2019
In ps -f or ps -o args it is
always ksh scriptname or bash scriptname.
In ps -o fname it is
  • bash when started as bash scriptname
  • scriptname when started as ./scriptname

Unfortunately some OS have a very small field for the fname. So it may appear truncated e.g. scriptname can become scriptna.

Some OS have ps -o comm as a wider field and use it like the fname, some other OS stuff the pathname into it.

Note: that the default scope is: only processes with a terminal associated,
-e means all processes,
-u user means all processes owned by user.

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Old 07-23-2019
Originally Posted by MadeInGermany
it is always ksh scriptname or bash scriptname.
I have seen a lot of bash < /some/script lately. It seems to be a new Linux habit. In such a case the script is input and may not be displayed in a ps-output.

I hope this helps.

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