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Cd \bad-directory ; source junk.1 logs me off!

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Top Forums UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers Cd \bad-directory ; source junk.1 logs me off!
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Cd \bad-directory ; source junk.1 logs me off!

Dear Gentle Folk,

I thought I knew unix/bash etc.

The compound statement


cd /lkjsdf ; source junk.1

completes and then logs me off IF the cd directory does not exist. It works fine if the
directory does exist. Why is this and how do I fix it.

It doesn't matter what is in junk.1, nothing will do.

cat junk.1
echo hello

cd /root ; source junk.1

cd \xoot; source junk.1
/xoot: no such file or directory
Connection to vm2 closed.

Thanks in advance
Homer W. Smith
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Mod Comment I saw from a quick Google search that this question is a cut and paste from another forum.

Please do not cut and paste formatted questions from one web forum to another.

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