Split large file into 24 small files on one hour basis

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Split large file into 24 small files on one hour basis

I Have a large file with 24hrs log in the below format.i need to split the large file in to 24 small files on one hour based.i.e ex:from 09:55 to 10:55,10:55-11:55
can any one help me on this.!

2019-05-20 09:55:39.945,142,GETHome,200,OK,SequenceLength 1-50,text,true,,9937,1,2,http://bus00bpo.us.oracle.com:8181/,141,0
2019-05-20 09:55:33.820,217,GETHome,200,OK,SequenceLength 1-50,text,true,,9937,1,2,http://bus00bpo.us.oracle.com:8181/,217,0
2019-05-20 09:55:34.550,103,GETregistry,200,OK,SequenceLength 1-50,text,true,,66305,1,2,http://bus00bpo.us.oracle.com:8181/ccstoreui/v1/registry,102,0
2019-05-20 09:55:35.739,47,GETPublish,200,OK,SequenceLength 1-50,text,true,,1068,1,2,http://bus00bpo.us.oracle.com:8181/ccstoreui/v1/publish,46,0
2019-05-20 09:55:36.016,1254,GEThomeLayout,200,OK,SequenceLength 1-50,text,true,,170861,1,2,http://bus00bpo.us.oracle.com:8181/ccstoreui/v1/pages/layout/home?ccvp=lg,1252,0
2019-05-20 09:55:38.069,356,GEThomeCurrentData,200,OK,SequenceLength 1-50,text,true,,3312,1,2,http://bus00bpo.us.oracle.com:8181/ccstoreui/v1/pages/home?dataOnly=false&currentDataOnly=true,356,0
2019-05-20 09:55:39.413,454,GEThomeCacheableData,200,OK,SequenceLength 1-50,text,true,,19239,1,2,http://bus00bpo.us.oracle.com:8181/ccstoreui/v1/pages/home?dataOnly=false&cacheableDataOnly=true&productTypesRequired=true,453,0
2019-05-20 09:55:40.564,38,GEThomeCSS,204,No Content,SequenceLength 1-50,,true,,517,1,2,http://bus00bpo.us.oracle.com:8181/ccstoreui/v1/pages/css/home?occsite=siteUS,0,0
2019-05-21 10:10:31.197,11,GETresourceNsCommon,200,OK,SequenceLength 1-1,text,true,,29169,1,1,http://bus00bpo.us.oracle.com:8181/ccstoreui/v1/resources/ns.common?locale=en,11,0

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What have you tried?

What scripts have you written?

What are you attempts to process this file yourself?
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i tried with the for loop but it didn't worked for me.i am sorry to say i am not good at AWK. looking for any small script on AWK which will help me so that i posted the question
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Why those odd numbers, why not 9:00h - 10:00h etc?

Why not midnight till midnight?
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Actually it is like log from a test run ..so when ever the test run is started, this log will start rolling so cant consider it as midnight till midnight..!
if i can pass the test run starting time as 09:55 so that it should split in to 24 files accordingly
can u help me in this scenario.?
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Zeroth approximation - try and see if you can adapt it:

grep -E "2019-05-20 (09:5[5-9]|10:5?[0-4])" file

Might be interesting to see the regex around midnight.
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If it was me, who processes text files with PHP, I would do something like this:

use the PHP date function, like so:


// read the file.
// foreach line in the file as entry
// get the formatted date in each entry and convert it to unix timestamp ($timestamp)
$hour = date(h,$timestamp);
// write append entry to 'filename_ '.$hour.'.txt' or whatever you want to call these 24 files.

This is almost trivial in PHP using date().

Hope this helps.

EDIT: See next post for a more complete PHP solution.
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